Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sew sew sew..... and than ....sew some more...

I don't know what is going on with me, but I keep sewing like a crazy woman.... The wallhanging I created is finished; it is going to be named "wildflowers" and will be a bd-gift. Last week I also bought fabric with Orka's and Dolfins in combination with soft/pale blue allover flower fabric. I cut strips out of them, sewed them together, cut them in strips again and rearranged them so I would get a checkerboard with dolfins/orka's and flowers. This is going to be a 1 person bedquilt and yet another bd-gift. ( not telling for who it is though.... ) I need to get me more fabric to give this bd-gift a couple of borders, I also need to go to the quiltshop and buy lots and lots of batting because I need to finnish the red & white quilt, the baby-quilt, this bd-quilt and another bd-quilt that is on my mind. I hope I will be able to make these quilt-tops ready to be basted. The basting is something I can do while on vacation in a couple of weeks. The quilting and binding is for after the vacation. Often I read on a blog that people are hating it to have to sew the binding on and I just don't understand. I mean... it is not that I LOVE handsewing bindings on to quilts, but hate doing it? nah... I usualy do it when watching tv, when hubby is working nightshift or - like today - lateshift. And than it is often done before you know it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

New blog....

Hi all and welcome to my "new" blog home at Blogger. I decided to switch to blogger because of more options for changing the background and putting in gadgets. If you stumbnled over this blog and never ever have read my wordpressblog, go and visit it HERE.
For all the readers that followed me here, please make sure to bookmark this blog/feed in order to be able to find me again... if you would like too that is! lol